Wasteland Story: Survival RPG v2023.03.09a MOD APK (God Mode)

Wasteland Story: Survival RPG MOD APK v2023.03.09a

May 5, 2024 Adventure
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Android 6.0
Android Android 6.0 Adventure
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(God Mode)
Feb 2, 2023
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Wasteland Story: Survival RPG MOD APK

At that time, the earth was divided into two poles, and one side was a monster army that appeared after the earthquake. On the other side are survivors of the apocalypse. At that time, they united to face the yōkai. The desire to return the Earth to normal days. Fight survive in a wasteland full of monsters or enemies. You can also collect more types of rare resources. And unite to build your base and turn it into an entrenched position. Parallel to a secret mission to save humanity from trouble.

Wasteland Story MOD APK

Survivors in the Barren Lands must fight dangerous monsters. There is also the appearance of mutant enemies that open up difficult battles. Such a difficult war has never been mentioned to mankind before. And they are just trying to fight to protect their kind. Bring your heroic qualities and grand plans. Previously, a team of civilians would not have had such power if a team of monsters had not appeared. Players can also create their own character and make it the most powerful character in existence.

Download Wasteland Story mod – Survival battle against a team of post-apocalyptic monsters

Create a fun feeling with the cube design developed in 2D. After choosing a name and appearance for your character. The player is taken to an area resembling a labyrinth tunnel. This place is made up of large gray boulders. Skeletons and skeletons are strewn about this long road. Then naturally, starting with the brown spider, monsters gradually appeared. On the left are square control buttons for adjusting the movement of the character. To attack, touch the square with the letter A to its right. Upon reaching higher levels, new attack control buttons may appear for the player to manipulate.

Change of appearance

Support Weapons

If players fight only with their bare hands, it will be difficult to defeat large armies of monsters. Therefore, manufacturers give their characters multiple weapons after a step or two. It can be a primitive weapon or an advanced weapon. Depends on the difficulty of passing. For example, baseball bats are made of brown wood. It’s a sloppy, dull black gray. Large mace with iron spiked ball and black handle. There are also modern guns that shoot arrows to kill. The better your weapon is, the stronger your attack power is, and you can reduce an enemy’s health base with a single attack.

Change of appearance Free Mod

New action

Initially, players only have two main actions: movement and A-shaped attack buttons. Collect skill cards after passing the next level. The number of new tasks increases and accumulates in the right corner. When a new gray action button appears on the screen, the player must navigate to the menu item and save. Otherwise, it may disappear after a few uses. The action has a stopwatch shape to increase the amount of time you and your enemies fight. Manipulating the form of the two will help bring more teammates into battle. A grenade that throws bombs at enemies.

Change of appearance

From the start, players are free to choose the appearance of their character. From changing hair, clothes and weapons to attachments. Most are color changes in parts of the body. There is white text in the right corner indicating the type of change. Below is the color box and the player changes it to select the color they want. Her hair color is red, black, yellow, … Another short length. You can also change the size and color of the eyes. From people with small eyes to girls with big sparkling eyes. Or old clothes and outfits are replaced with flashy colors. The same color as the character’s hair and eyes.

An old yellow map opens when fighting. Here, players are free to choose their combat zone. Each location has different terrain, conditions, and monster teams. Oilfields are shaped like rigs and villages are shaped like houses. Wilderness is shaped like a cowboy hat. There are tons of exciting locations waiting for players to download and explore the Wasteland Story mod.

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