Crab War MOD APK (Unlimited Pearls, Boosters) 3.54.1

Crab War: Idle Swarm Evolution v3.54.1

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Crab War: Idle Swarm Evolution

A battle of crabs? Do you think I heard wrong? Perhaps you have never played such a game before. The battle between these enchanting seafood species will entice you for a very long time. Gather your strongest crab warriors and prepare for a long battle. Build the most powerful and massive crab empire. Crab Wars is not a game about crabs. Hyperbole was created to delight and charm many players.

Crab War MOD APK

Crab War is a game that can show that grudges alone can make the battle of the century. In particular, evolution has brought reptiles to the surface. Chase all the crabs underground to monopolize new habitats. Thanks to the energy emanating from a mysterious crystal block after thousands of years spent underground. Now, the crab has fully molted and evolved to a new stage. With ultimate power, they set out to take revenge on those who pursued them.

Download Crab War mod – Dramatic war between crabs and reptiles

The leader of the currently evolved crab species. You are one of the important factors that lead them to the surface. Get back what was lost from the Reptiles. The full game crab war will be an endless war between reptiles and crabs. So we have to focus a lot of resources and strength to be victorious. Build an impregnable crab empire. Create crab warriors with the strongest and most unique genetic code. The arcane crystal will give you knowledge and everything you can learn about the crab species after it mutates. If applied successfully, you can create a champion at any time.

Crab War MOD APK

Reptiles are also out of the ordinary, as they have inherited many strange powers. Together they form one of the most influential forces on land. They will be the first enemies to eliminate for the crab species when they come to the surface. There are over 33 species of reptiles with different intensity levels. You’ll have to learn everything through combat to plan and have a chance to defeat all the reptiles. They are very cunning and have great power.

Evolution of different crab species

There are 80 species of crabs you can evolve. But that doesn’t mean it’s bland and uninteresting. You have to go through a lot of battles to unlock certain evolutions. Evolution will give crabs great strength gains. From incredible abilities like firing electricity or harnessing the power of magnetic fields. They also change color so you can easily tell them apart. Part of it is also creating the crab warrior aesthetic after evolution.

Crab War MOD

Smart use of genetic trees

gene tree is a special system in Crab War. You can upgrade stats and powers as you wish to create a crab with the right requirements. Each gene tree is made up of many small genetic fragments, with one upgrade populating one gene. You will need to find resources and items to unlock these genes. If you only get a few simple branches, their power won’t be displayed much yet. You can see the effect until you maximize the gene segment and complete the genetic tree. Crab is one of the main tools for determining whether a warrior is strong enough.

Smart use of genetic trees

If interested, try the PvP mode where crab warriors fight each other. Their owners are other players. You will choose the strongest crab squad to participate in the tournament. Battle against other players’ crabs to decide victory or defeat. Winning means going straight to the next round. Until you face the last player. Are you strong enough to become crab champion of the world?

The intense crab tournaments

Watch the crabs transform to become the most powerful warriors. Take revenge against reptiles that have lost their habitat and reclaim what you have lost. Become a true lord with hundreds of crab warriors ready to serve. Download the Crab Wars mod now and build your own Crab Empire.

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