Witcheye MOD APK (Unlocked level) 1.07

Witcheye MOD APK (Unlocked level) v1.07

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Android Android 4.4 Adventure
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Jul 13, 2020
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Witcheye MOD APK (Unlocked level)

What does a powerful wizard do when offended or insulted by his authority? Of course he will go mad and destroy everything. For many gamers, pixel games are essentially no longer attractive on the market. This doesn’t happen with really good games and with attractive elements. The same goes for Witcheye, a witch-themed pixel game. Embark on a journey to bring back justice for yourself. Destroy all enemies standing in your way to achieve your goal.

Witcheye MOD APK

Download Witcheye mod – Fight with powerful eyes

A 2D world that restricts your movement and obstructs your view. Witcheye doesn’t bring anything new, but it gives gamers an exciting feeling. This is the story of a sorceress who lives a very normal life that does no harm to anyone. You are tricked by a knight into stealing materials to make magic. She magically transforms into a pair of powerful eyes. With unparalleled and unstoppable power. Embark on an adventure to find the lost data. Take revenge on the wrongdoers.

Witcheye MOD

Intuitive and simple controls: Move your finger across the screen to move your character, touch to stop. With just 2 taps, you can take your adventure wherever you want. Travel through many strange lands inhabited by strange monsters that are not real. Fight them with mystical powers. Enemies are also not suitable when they want to destroy you in any way. Therefore, you must dodge attacks and enemy counterattacks. Pass them to reach the next land. to find out the location of that brave knight.

Enemies vary by land

This challenging combat journey extends over 50 levels. Across lands with different climates and terrains. The monsters in different locations are also very diverse and have many dangerous powers. Because when you run out of health, you die and you have to start over. Careful calculation of combat options is also necessary and wise.

Witcheye MOD

Like frozen ground, there will be monsters that can attack with ice moves. Fire monsters appear in the fire and lava terrain. The windward terrain is protected by flying animals. You must destroy them all to proceed to the next level. But when they move really complicated it’s not that simple. Damage and hardness are certain at a high level. Also, traps and terrain on the game screen will engulf you at any moment. Fight with caution in any situation.

The final boss is terrifying in size

Witcheye’s bosses are really no joke. Your little eyes when they have hundreds or thousands of times their size. There are sources of great power and damage. You can either drop a large amount of blood or immediately send it to heaven. This is one of the important challenges when it comes to avoidance training. Calculate the strategy required to defeat the enemy. They are not easy to defeat. Not even a pretty face. Their unique look will partly make you want to destroy them sooner.

Player skill evaluation mode

Includes 2 modes that clearly differentiate between different types of players. Normal mode is the default mode for players to familiarize themselves with the gameplay and plot. Suitable for almost anyone new to Witcheye. The rest is a hard mode where the masters challenge each other extremely fiercely. In addition to monsters and bosses, their strength increases. . If you’ve been sticking with this game for a long time, conquer all the gills in the basic mode. Then it will be difficult to step into the arena.

With a series of trailer introductions and detailed analysis, Witcheye is truly a game that can be compared to legendary games like Mario, Catslevania and many other maze adventure games. If you don’t know this game yet, play it right now for simple fun. It will brighten up your tired and exciting day. They are all included in the Witcheye mod, so you can try them anytime.

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