Super City v2.000.64 MOD APK (Full version Unlocked)

Super City MOD APK v2.000.64

June 23, 2024 Adventure
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Android Android 4.4 and up Adventure
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Aug 10, 2023
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Super City MOD APK

Super City is a simulation game where players become superheroes while running an organization for all extraordinary beings. Everything in it offers a wide variety of content, skills, potential and more to expand the gameplay or entertain players in new ways. In addition, the game is completely based on the hero element to give players a lot of imagination in building a unique city from their imagination.

Super City 1


When players first come to Super City, they will have to design or create their first superheroes to lay many solid foundations. The design system for superheroes is simple, but designing their appearance, costumes, abilities, and unique traits is very complex. Players can also convert each character unit into different categories such as civilians or superheroes to add more diversity to the city’s vibrancy and critters.

Super City 2


After players design their heroes or civilians, they build a city for them. An entire city would need to have many of the amenitie or structure needed to stabilize the economy or provide various service activities and quests for superheroes Player can also develop everything in the future prosperous city and unlock new potential for superhero anticipation.


The mission system for superheroes in Super City is huge and offers a lot of depth, allowing players to explore everything. For this reason, they must choose any hero they have created to complete the available quests, giving them the opportunity to admire their exciting skills. Fortunately the control system is largely customizable allowing user to have the most exciting and refreshing experience with their superheroes.

Super City 3


Superheroes must complete missions to generate income for an individual or an entire organization. Depending on the growth of the entire city, the quality or quantity of requests will increase significantly. Through some special systems, players can have the freedom of compatible superheroes to fulfill requests from the city and even create a superior operational plan to stabilize revenue sources.

Super City 4


Although Super City is mainly about superheroes, it still offers a lot of unique content that allows players to interact with other NPCs in the environment. In addition, through a unique interactive system, players learn more about people’s personalities or can make jokes. Some memorable interactions also open up many surprises to complete tasks faster and more efficiently than usual.

Super City 5


The superheroes’ abilities are varied and different, so the control system is also flexible to allow players to have the best auction experience. Players can also directly interact with the environment to create eye-catching effects or suppress all the criminals with the least losses. The game also makes each character interaction fun and entertaining to provide laughter and excitement as players battle each villain.

Super City is a superhero city-building simulation game, but it offers deep gameplay to help players learn more about each character’s stats. Best of all, the design/customization system is dynamic and deep, promising players exciting explorations of the world where superheroes thrive.

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