WORLD of SUBMARINES: Navy PvP MOD APK (Menu, Dumb enemy/No reload) 2.1

WORLD of SUBMARINES: Navy PvP MOD APK (Menu, Dumb enemy/No reload) v2.1

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Jun 3, 2021
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WORLD of SUBMARINES: Navy PvP MOD APK (Menu, Dumb enemy/No reload)


Submarine warfare is one of the most complex and tactically challenging warfare. Coincidentally, one game deals with this theme properly: WORLD of SUBMARINES: Navy PvP. The player transforms into a submarine commander fighting underwater. Face enemies from different countries with a variety of dangerous weapons. Submarine warfare, although not as noisy as other wars. Its damage and ferocity are always the greatest and it requires a genius to command its talents. Are you the leader chosen to command this underwater army?

Download WORLD of SUBMARINES: Navy PvP mod – Try to be a combat submarine commander

A submarine is essentially a means of underwater movement that is different from a watercraft. You need a team of experts to command and control. We stop at the controls, but we also have to encounter and fight many other enemy submarines. This is a test of your commanding abilities. Can you create a miracle that defeats all enemies in this quiet battlefield?

You will be guided on how to pilot your submarine from the most basic steps. Including determining coordinates while underwater. Adjust the control system to move the sub. Observe from different angles in the water to spot enemies. Use more pre-installed weapons. Any war could happen right now. Be prepared to practice maneuvering your submarine without difficulty. You will also take on both roles, controlling and fighting enemies. Remember that your enemies are other players. Be careful as it does not work with system programming.

Gather with the captains

The button system on the game screen is quite complex. Through many battles you will get used to using them all. WORLD of SUBMARINES: Navy PvP offers more than 10 types of torpedoes and cannons for each submarine. All are for combat purposes only. In the middle are the sub’s health stats. When that stat returns to 0, the submarine is completely destroyed. Obviously you wouldn’t want that to happen, would you?

Choose the most powerful submarine

The battlefields of WORLD of SUBMARINES: Navy PvP are huge. It can be said to cover the entire world with the presence of every player. Your mission is to defeat enemy submarines by allying them with submarines of the same faction. Since they are all players, the battlefield becomes much more challenging. The level between master and new player is shown very clearly. Apply tactics with your team of many submarines to complicate your enemies. Any enemy can be defeated if everyone works together. This is also a great opportunity to get acquainted with many players from all over the world.

Excursions in all modes

There are always different types of submarine forces and they will meet all the needs of the player. We have quality submarines from USA, UK, Germany and Russia. Famous names in real life also pop up like Aluka, Typhoon, Seawolf, and Los Angeles. Each sub has a unique design, which makes it beautiful and easy to distinguish. The power of the submarine varies greatly depending on the player’s level. However, a quality sub will do much more than a basic sub. They have a more complex weapon system. You can dive and move faster underwater. Creates a lot of advantage in long fights.

There are two main modes in the game PvP and PvE.For PvP, the battlefield is always online players. Gather as many team members as possible to gain an advantage. Win the war to capture the sea, destroy enemy submarines and earn points as a team. PvE is more exploratory and experiential. Learn about the plot and battlegrounds between different nations. Play many campaigns to attack enemies and capture many important bases. All modes require certain skills from the player. Only then can you survive on this tough battlefield.

Being a submarine commander is not an easy task. Controlling and fighting a submarine at the same time can sometimes be impossible. However, with relentless practice and experience, you will gradually get used to the atmosphere of the battlefield in the game. WORLD of SUBMARINES: Naval PvP mode trains the bravest commanders. Take control of your submarine and rush into the underwater battlefield. Destroy all enemies to win the glorious battle with your teammates.

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