Zero City MOD APK v1.36.5 (Unlimited Money/High Damage)

Zero City MOD APK (Unlimited Money/High Damage) v1.36.4

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Dec 17, 2022
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The Description of Zero City MOD APK (Unlimited Money/High Damage)


After watching a lot of zombie and fiction genre movies and web series, we have come up with realistic thoughts about dead brains these days. If you weren’t streaming a single zombie-based movie, you’d have to be 1% of the world’s population. Almost everyone knows zombies, their lifestyle and everything related to them. Be sure to check it out below! Include infinite money and more mod scripts to help you survive conveniently. Be sure to check it out below! Include infinite money and more mod scripts to help you survive conveniently. Be sure to check it out below!

Zero City MOD APK

Imagine once in your mind that you are stuck in an apocalypse worse than the coronavirus. Covid-19 is a virus that kills only a few percent of people and can be safe from vaccination. So Zero City Zombie Game is one of our best recommendations to help you feel the same Zombie Apocalypse virtually. So, if you are a dreamer and aspirant who wants to see that apocalypse for yourself, download the Zero City Zombie Games MOD APK ASAP!

Customize your Bunker and help it survive from all the Zombies in the city

First of all, managing limits requires stepping in between every pandemic. You can live your whole life in one house if everything you need, mostly food, is in the house. So, while playing Zero City Zombie Games, you will find that many people have bunkers that can help them survive the Apocalypse. You have a ceiling over your head and now you have to support each other and survive together! Now here we have to give everyone a specific task according to their abilities.

Zero City MOD

Manage shelter and all the survival stuff for civilians in your Bunker

After securing shelter, water, electricity and food, the next thing an apocalypse-affected city needs is weapons. Between those apocalypses no one is full without weapons as zombies can attack the bunker at any time and now you have to help others survive. So, rooms of all genres, such as kitchens, generator rooms, water turbines, and control rooms, also have weapon rooms. You must find all the basic materials needed to craft weapons in the city while protecting yourself from zombies. Besides, you can also buy all these things like coins and diamonds with the in-game money you get in Zero City Zombie Games. Choose the best way to survive!

Create the most powerful weapons to fight Zombies damn effectively

Everything I said in the game section above was the story mode for Zero City Zombie Games. And to make the game even more exciting, the game also features a multiplayer game mode. This PVP is based on points you can get by killing all zombies. So, if you get bored of old school shooting and puzzle games like PUBG Mobile and Candy Crush, switch to Zero City Zombie Games ASAP. You can also see through the modified version of Zero City Zombie Games placed below, including magical premium features. We’ll make the game more convenient, so get started as soon as possible –

Enjoy the Story-based Campaign and the Multiplayer PVP gaming mode

Playing the zombie survival game is both fun and challenging as the difficulty increases with almost every level you play the game. Besides, most pro gamers are still stuck on the hardest levels in the campaign game mode. If you are also one of these gamers, we have a surprise for you – Zero City Zombie Games MOD APK. This is primarily a modified version of the official Zero City Zombie Games, with many fantastic premium features available such as infinite coins, diamonds, and an ad-free game interface. After all these features you can simply complete all the challenging levels of the game. So don’t get bored on the official version and switch to it today!

Zero City APK

Download the modified version to enhance your capabilities freely

Cryptocoins are basically the in-game currency you earn in Zero City Zombie Games, just like you get UCs and gold coins in PUBG Mobile. We all know the importance of these currencies because everything is paid within Android games. So, to make all your in-game purchases more convenient, we are giving you infinite crypto coins in our Zero City Zombie Games MOD APK. Yes, I hear you! You can now make unlimited purchases within the app without investing a dime in this Android game. Download Zero City Zombie Games MOD APK and start enjoying all the professional weapons to kill all zombies with few shots. Enjoy!!

Go with the infinite Crypto Coins and make the unlimited purchases

After putting infinite coins into Zero City Zombie Games MOD APK, you must be thinking what more do you need, right? So imagine one day you’re playing an Android game with the power to kill a zombie with a single shot without even aiming for a headshot. cool, right? Considering this, we have developed Zero City Zombie Games MOD APK with a magical feature called One Hit MOD. You don’t need to activate this feature in any menu, just download the Zero City Zombie Games MOD APK and install it on your smartphone. After that, you can kill all zombies in one shot without taking a headshot.

One Hit MOD for all those gamers stuck on the complex gaming levels

Suppose you have all the features listed above, but are still annoyed by online ads telling you to download Byju’s app. I know it sucks and I personally felt it while playing many online games. However, we hope that you will not face the same problems we faced between online games. Lastly, Zero City Zombie Games MOD APK is an ad-free Android game. This game includes a free ad blocking script so you don’t have to pay anyone or download a third party app to block ads. Download Zero City Zombie Games MOD APK and see the magic!


Have you ever imagined that an Android Zombie game contains so many features? Not yet? But finally, you get all these privileges for free within an amazing game called Zero City Zombie Games MOD APK. We do not require in-app purchases or ad blocking fees. Just click the green download button below to play the free game with multiple premium entitlements! Enjoy!!

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