Big Hunter v2.9.11 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Big Hunter MOD APK v2.9.11

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Big Hunter MOD APK

you ever found out how people hunted in primitive times? Big Hunter takes you back to the Stone Age and recreates it for you to experience wild animal hunting. He transforms into a slim, sick-looking native man. Destroy large animals with primitive weapons in his hands. Your job is to launch spears, knives and stones at the big animals. It requires natives with strong hands with strong, flexible throwing power. If doom isn’t finalized, you could be swallowed whole in the belly of this large animal.

Download Big Hunter mod – transform into an Aboriginal leader who hunts protozoa as food for the villagers.

A long time ago, in primitive times, a tribe lived in the remote rock caves of the Big Hunter. People here died of starvation because they ran out of food and provisions. Therefore, the tribal leader had to get up and hunt and forage for food. You play as a leader who saves an entire tribe of people from starvation with only a spear, an ax or a boomerang. You will use them to strongly affect protozoa. As a whole tribe, you will hunt big animals like mammoths, ostriches, rhinos, bears and dinosaurs.

You’ll need to angle it and align it properly so that the spear shoots into the deadly spot. It will also help if you practice avoiding the powerful attacks of these animals. Because most animals are huge when attacked. The bones and flesh may be broken and may no longer be whole. What’s more, the giant beast’s ferocious attack can cause its spear tip to shoot at you unconsciously. Being a good hunter leader is not an easy task.

More than 100 levels

With over 100 levels, Big Hunter offers a series of groups from easy to complex. Each Leclasil is a different animal with different attack patterns. Openings can be simple and easy-to-kill animals to get used to manipulating. Dogs and wooden chickens are easily defeated with daggers or pebbles. Then the level increases gradually through different animals. A huge rhinoceros with sharp horns that could pierce its bell. A mammoth with a trunk capable of knocking down hundreds of trees.

Different types of rudimentary weapons

Weapons are essential to exterminate these animals. Link hundreds of basic weapons. From the simplest, such as a stone, to various sizes. Daggers and boomerangs also vary in size from small to large. You can also use ninja darts. And there are many other interesting weapons like bows, arrows and daggers. Each weapon will do additional damage and impact. It will be helpful to shape the flight path of these weapons so that you can aim them accurately. When you collect enough lightning after killing a beast. You can use this lightning bolt to select weapons in the tool shop.

Compete for the world ranking

Big Hunter’s natives are no exception. Below is a ranking of leadership positions. Only those who have the strength and kill the most ferocious animals will take their places. Reader’s features are updated and rearranged daily. The higher your status and name, the more you see the wealth and happiness of your villagers. Whoever can help the villagers overcome famine is likely to become their supreme leader. You don’t have to have a unique look. Will and real strength are all you need.

It has a black appearance and three stripes on its cheeks. Big Hunter portrays the Aboriginal leader as realistically as possible. The forbidden motifs in the costumes, weapons, and hair are all reminiscent of proper natives. The game’s graphics are made in the Flat style, but this still doesn’t diminish Big Hunter’s flexibility. Bouncing movements combined with animal roars. This creates fun, bustle and humor for Big Hunter. Download the Big Hunter mod and you will be transformed into a native leader hunting wild animals for food.

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