Facetune2 v2.29.0.5-free MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Facetune2 MOD APK v2.29.0.5-free

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Jan 5, 2023
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Facetune2 MOD APK


Facetune2 MOD APK is the best application to edit user photos and smooth skin. There are many photo editing applications in the Google Play Store. Every application contains unique features and powerful tools. However, this application is made differently with its unique features. When you start taking a picture on your mobile camera, you will find face marks on the picture. Facial marks and pimples are the worst browsing user photos. Use the facetune2 app editing tool to make your photo skin pretty.

Facetune2 MOD APK

New AI technology

Facetune2 MOD APK comes with new AI optimization technology. This option helps users easily correct facial skin problems in images. The app starts detecting when you import an image from the import image option. AI technology scans and analyzes user-supplied photos faster. Then the perfect outline of your face will appear. Don’t worry about choosing marks. Because it also detects facial marks, pimples, etc.

All features of Facetune2 MOD APK include newly introduced AI technology. Most users want the editing process to be completed faster. No other photo editing application can complete the editing process faster. However, this application has faster AI technology to edit photos easily and quickly. The video process will take no more time to finish. Kudos to the app developers for the rest of their work.

Swipe way blemishes

Facetune2 MOD APK provides a smoothing tool for everyone. Most girls and women hate pimples, marks and blemishes on their faces. That’s why app developers provide several tools to enhance users’ facial skin. When you start taking pictures with a regular camera, detailed facial marks and blemishes appear one by one. It would be annoying to see your face in a picture. For users who want to make it prettier, use the tool to make the facial skin look smoother and prettier. Also, users cannot see edited marks on facial skin.

Facetune2 MOD APK

Facetune2 MOD APK currently provides 4 great tools to remove facial blemishes, pimples and marks. The Smoother, Smoother, Detail and Erase tools are now available in the application. If your photo contains hard skin, you’ll need to use a softer tool to tone it up. The Detail tool removes some detail tones from an image. Finally, the erase tool helps eliminate the editing process. If you do not want a soft, smooth and detailed application place, use an eraser to remove the applied process.

Quick and easy face Reshape

Facetune2 MOD APK provides this beautiful feature to its very users. When users first launch the application, using photo editing applications requires some skill. However, the developers of this application provide a quick reshape feature to help users complete the editing process faster. Users must import photos from their Android device. After importing your photos, clicking on the quick fix for the app will start the p[process. The quick editing process takes seconds to complete.

Unique filters

Facetune2 MOD APK provides editing tools at the bottom of the screen. All users can use the tools available at the bottom of the screen. Click on the face tool to pop up some important options like the smile and chin options. Increased photo smileys imported by clicking on the smiley icon. You can easily adjust the jaws of your face in seconds using the jaws icon. Users do not need skill to adjust their smile and chin. The eye tool helps you add more colored lenses and resize the eyes. Also, nose and eyebrow tools are provided at the bottom of the screen. Use these tools to adjust faces with more accessible tools.

Adjust the color

Facetune2 MOD APK offers lots of unique and colorful filters for everyone. All users want to make their photos colorful. This application provides unique filters for free. Users just need to find the filter option at the bottom of the screen. Select the filter option to apply a filter to your image for a few seconds. It only takes a few seconds to apply a filter to your image. Colorful filters make your photos more attractive. You won’t lose an attractive image after using filters.

Facetune2 MOD APK comes with a color adjustment tool. When users take photos at home or outside, they face some color correction issues in the captured photos. This app requires professional image editing tools to correct photo color. By using the lamp, the user sees too much brightness in the captured image. it’s okay App developers provide several options for correcting color correction in images. As well as the face editing process, you can also relight your images through this application.

Facetune2 MOD

Image correction tools

Facetune2 MOD APK offers special Relight features for everyone. Everyone knows about Reface and Reshape features. However, this Relight feature was first introduced by application developers. Helps correct lighting corrections in imported images with slider options to correct large brightness, contrast, etc. This application gives you overall control over the shadow effect of your image and the dark correction of your image.

Facetune2 MOD APK has many image modification tools for users. Make your editing photos more attractive with high quality and unique beauty filters. Use the different types of brushes provided to adjust facial smoothness and use the brush tool to enhance facial skin. You can easily transform your drawing using a variety of brushes. The tools provided allow you to crop, crop, blur and fine-tune your photos with a single tap. It uses the latest AI technology system to quickly blur image background. It will be easier to detect the background and apply a blur effect to it.


Overall, we have covered all the details about Facetune2 MOD APK. This worthy application for reshaping and fine-tuning imported photos. There are many photo editing tools with powerful features. The publisher has also added AI technology to this application. This allows applications to detect image details faster and easier. In the standard version, you have to face annoying ads and limitations. Get out of the restrictions by using the MOD version. Download the MOD version from the article below the link available.

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