Idle Stickman Heroes MOD APK 1.0.27 (Free upgrade, unlocked Premium)

Idle Stickman Heroes MOD APK (Free upgrade, unlocked Premium) v1.0.27

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Idle Stickman Heroes MOD APK (Free upgrade, unlocked Premium)

When the world is in danger, it’s time for heroes to rescue them. They are the strongest and bravest people who dare to stand up to fight monsters. Aggressive monsters are always defeated by heroes and keep the peace of mankind. They’re not perfect, but they always have a kind heart. Are you also a peace lover and have always wanted to be a warrior? Come to Idle Stickman Heroes and instantly transform into a superhero.

Idle Stickman Heroes MOD APK

Download Idle Stickman Heroes mod – Lead the powerful stick warrior

Mention the name of the stickman and you will surely find it very familiar. This is because many games these days use this design. Idle Stickman Heroes also uses a classic but very attractive design. An army of stick warriors will get more practice together. Stand up together to protect the world from the monster menace. Please keep the peace for our precious planet. Although it is 2D graphics, it is sophisticated and meticulous to every detail. The visual effects are indescribable and sound system is great. It promises you a very eye-catching experience with battle scenes that will leave you in awe.

Idle Stickman Heroes MOD

Start playing Idle Stickman Heroes where you will play as the manager of a Stickman Heroes team. Your main task is to lead them to fight bloodthirsty monsters. Destroy them all to keep this beautiful world safe. The control system is also very simple, so you don’t have to learn too much. There is an energy bar with constantly working needles on the side to help the heroes fight. You need to align the exact time the needle enters the strongest part, red. The more powerful you go into the red box, the more powerful characters will attack, and the opposite will happen if you go into the green box. Practice your play so you can lead your team and fight this monster.

Recruit stickman heroes

Is your squad too weak against crowded and aggressive monsters in Idle Stickman Heroes? Don’t worry because there are many other heroes you can beat. Each hero has their own abilities and powers. You might consider hiring them and including them in your squad. If you want to hire them, you can do so using the money you earn through each game screen. The more expensive the hero, the greater his strength and the easier it is to destroy monsters. Upgrade your squad to get stronger each round to go farther. The higher the level, the more heroes increase attack and defense.

Idle Stickman Heroes APK

Upgrade skills

In addition to basic attacks, stickman heroes also have their own skills. These skills allow the hero to unleash great power and attack enemies. These skills can be upgraded to become more powerful in the skill tree. Depending on the amount of money you have and the level of your hero, you can upgrade accordingly. Among the active and passive skills, the hero’s combat ability is raised to the highest level. Use your skills in battle intelligently because there are limits. It takes time to heal after activation, so do not use it recklessly.

Countless monsters

In Idle Stickman Heroes, you’ll encounter tons of monsters on your arduous and dangerous journey. Monsters come in many types and shapes. They appear randomly along the way and will become more and more crowded. The more monsters in the next level, the stronger and harder to destroy. Your stick warrior squad should get stronger each round. Get powerful upgrades to overcome more difficult levels. You can destroy powerful monsters with many nasty attributes. Clean up to protect the peaceful life of mankind.

Idle Stickman Heroes has the most satisfying features. You can play Idle Stickman Heroes anytime, anywhere with just your phone in hand. There are many heroes you can trigger to recruit and upgrade. This game is optimized for high quality images on tablets and large screens. . Experience more than 200 different riches. Download the Idle Stickman Heroes mod now and become the leader of your Stickman Heroes squad. Fight against hordes of monsters defending the world.

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