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Oil Tycoon 2 MOD APK (Menu, Free purchase)

Following a series of games of the same name, the manufacturer has released a new version called Oil Tycoon 2. It’s still a mining game, but instead of placing drilling rigs on planets. Players now explore oil wells in the vast ocean. Invest in epic gear and collect idle coins every day. Start on a simple crude oil rig and then gradually earn your revolving capital. Invest a lot of money in developing infrastructure, machinery and equipment, and hire skilled workers. The growth of oil companies depends entirely on their investments. It all starts when you discover a geyser in the ocean.

Oil Tycoon 2 MOD APK

Download Oil Tycoon 2 mod – Exploit oil on the vast ocean to build your own empire

Besides investing in infrastructure, players should also pay attention to the stock market. Monitor price movements in the market regularly. Players can build large oil wells to store unsold inventory of oil. Then, based on the market’s price range, it chooses the right time to export oil. Each day, players regularly sell oil, but in limited quantities. You can sell a lot of oil and make a lot of money by choosing when the price is high. Increase your investment in automation-ready mechanical systems. And all you have to do is control the machine and wait for the coin from the storyline to go into your pocket.

Oil Tycoon 2 MOD

Idle click simulation game is waiting for your hands. Tap anywhere you want to probe and start the process. Crude oil refining is also done directly within the plant. Although all processes in business occur cleanly and smoothly. However, you need to be vigilant as the FBI team is waiting for your opportunity to act. The wealth of trillions of oil tycoons, who wouldn’t care? Fun idle games attract many members in the gaming community. You can just let the mechanism work naturally, go out and collect the money in your hands afterwards.

Many oil wells

Your company scales up by deploying multiple oil exploration sites. There are traces of your rigs in the world’s oceans. A limited number of rigs are placed in each area, and when enough are placed, the player can unlock the next area. Like the Sarir area located in Libya, it has up to five rigs. To visit a region and harvest its oil, players simply touch the droplet icon with the flag of that region. The more wells you place, the shorter the harvesting time. The amount of oil harvested also increased and the quality led to slightly higher prices.

Oil Tycoon 2 MOD APK

Hire workers

Although it is an automatic rig system, it still needs to be controlled and operated by a human. You cannot manage everything alone. From hooking up rigs and refining oil to watching stock markets and keeping an eye on prices. Therefore, hiring more staff is the best option. Oil Tycoon 2 offers tons of fully-featured operators. If you have the money, you can hire an excavator assistant, a senior crane driver, or an office support assistant. You can hire an unlimited number of these workers. All you have to do is spend money, hire, and support to keep things running smoothly, and you are free.

Expand student detective Company

Start with little capital and only have small rigs in your oil source area. You can gradually earn a lot of money from oil trade and export, and use that money to invest in facilities. Buy newer, bigger, more modern rigs. Huge cranes are specialized in transporting barrels of oil from the area to the warehouse. The yellow exploration submarine is used to explore oil resources on the ocean floor. There are also ships that transport goods to other countries, transport containers and transport oil barrels. Players can also invest in ornaments, such as golden statues, if they already have money.

Besides, the game also offers annual quests. Players can earn additional rewards by completing these quests. The brown reward box doesn’t contain many other interesting gifts. In addition to gold coins, there are also cards that allow you to hire treasures, jewels, and workers… Download the Oil Tycoon 2 mod and become a billionaire exploiting oil on the high seas.

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