Raccoon Unhappy v1.22.0 MOD APK (One Hit Kill)

Raccoon Unhappy MOD APK v1.22.0

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Android 5.0
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(One Hit Kill)
Oct 22, 2022
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Raccoon Unhappy MOD APK

Explore space with your raccoon in the Unhappy Raccoon game. Now the hero traveling with you will be a raccoon, not someone else. You will join this bear hero in an uphill battle against your enemies. Your bear is blessed with strength and your mission is to prove it to your enemies. You must transform into a raccoon and use its power to fight enemies. Enemies come from space and you must destroy them to continue your journey. Collect your spacecraft and fly to discover them on mysterious planets.

Unhappy Raccoon MOD APK

God created a world for furry raccoons. The raccoon god was already the most vital being in the world, and all living things were under his control. It seemed that his reign was over and he needed to find a successor. So he started a fierce race between the planets to find the right person. Heroes representing the universe’s most powerful forces have gathered for one goal. You are a raccoon with his powers and you have to compete with them. Grow in strength and help our raccoon hero level up his fighting style for the next throne.

Download Unhappy Raccoon mod – Compete for the highest position in the raccoon universe

You step into a world where there are raccoons with many powers. God created this great army and they are the power of the whole world. You are now a raccoon in this army and you deserve to fight the enemy together. They are the ones who jump into competition for the position of inheriting the power of the Raccoon God. The creator of the world has reached the limit of his powers and longs to find what is most valuable. This position is given only to those who have subdued all enemies with talent and strength. So get ready to face powerful foes and raccoons for the future.

Raccoon warrior

You exist as a raccoon and live on this strange planet. They were all members of the combat team and both were commanded by the supreme god. The unique appearance of these raccoon warriors is something you will have to discover before fighting. The way each raccoon fights its opponents must also be carefully considered. Information is displayed before selecting the role of the raccoon. Their fighting skills are what they use when competing with others for the next position. Choose a real bear to accompany you in each intense match.

Survive from combat

The location of the owner of the raccoon world always attracts many enemies from different locations. So your job as a raccoon is to win multiplayer games. It looks simple, but every war is a risky survival match. If you are defeated by an enemy, you will lose your qualification for higher ranks. It may be the end of your life as a raccoon warrior. I came here because I want to occupy the place that has inherited the world. Fight to the end because your thirst for power won’t let you down easily.

Discover the universe

Taking the winning position from all enemies will qualify you to explore the world. You already have the most incredible powers and nothing can stop you from traveling the universe. Then you are an adventurer and you can escape this world of raccoons. With the power of your squad, you can reach every planet. You will also build a spaceship for your exploration purpose. Outer space is a rival planet to face in fierce competition. You can now browse all houses and find them wherever you go.

The raccoon god has waged a war to find a successor. This has attracted many creatures living on many planets in other universes. You are a down to earth raccoon and you want to be on top too. Enemies everywhere will be obstacles to overcome if you want to do that. Shin has started a race to claim the top spot of the raccoon world power. As a raccoon you can win and explore all universes. Download the Unhappy Raccoon mod to transform into a raccoon and defeat all your opponents.

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