Star Wars: KOTOR MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.0.7

Star Wars: KOTOR MOD APK (Unlimited money) v1.0.7

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Feb 27, 2020
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The Description of Star Wars: KOTOR MOD APK (Unlimited money)

Star Wars, a series of sci-fi films about space, has always been a hit with many lovers of movies about space. Action scenes and space wars. Along with the lightsaber battle, it became a legend in the eyes of viewers. Subsequent publications such as comic books and games are bestsellers and popular with all. So, I can’t help but mention Star Wars™: KOTOR. Based on the legendary wars of Star Wars.


Download Star Wars: KOTOR mod – Epic of Star Wars

As the last hope of a generation of Jedi, you are the only character whose mission is to prevent a war between the Galactic Empire and the evil Sith Army. Or become the leader of the dark and follow the temptations in front of you to destroy your people. This is the main theme of Star Wars™: KOTOR. Who is an influential person like you anyway? How are assigned tasks performed? Let’s take a closer look at the gameplay section.

Star Wars: KOTOR MOD APK free

Star Wars™: KOTOR can almost be said to be a multifunctional and open world game. Because you can do a lot in this game. Especially if you’re a warrior with a set destiny like you. Recruit more allies to your team, mainly through army training. Use a variety of services or simply sit in your spaceship and fly over all the famous landmarks from Star Wars. If you come here, everyday activities will seem very tasteless to you. Because what you want is exciting adventures and battles.

Familiar places

You can also multiply missions in different bases and facilities. Most will be fighting alien creatures of monstrous colors and shapes. Defeat an enemy with your teammates and complete the mission. A charming gift is always waiting for you. It could be a way to make a cool lightsaber. Or large sums of money that leave your hands free whenever you spend them.


Create your own squadron

With various starships of the Galactic Empire. You will travel comfortably across fantasy planets on the scale of the Star Wars universe. Fly to the Tatoonies, Wookiee Kashyyyk is already too popular among many fans of this cartoon series. They have the right size and climate like the originals. with residents of places of different races. They are friendly and can talk to you. However, they can be extremely aggressive at times and will fight whenever they feel threatened. Whenever you fly over these planets, you have to be very careful about all the dangers that await.

Travel around the universe

The team’s crew are all chosen from among the strongest warriors and are famous in the main story. Build a team and choose a team based on your custom character. Multiple skin tones and blues like the most common Twi’leks. Droids are an army of machines with many types of advanced technology. Wookiees have hairy bodies and supreme fighting abilities. From these races you will have a diverse lineup of different strengths, talents and fighting abilities. Add the most strategic variety and fun to your battles.

Space is a vast place that can never be fully explored. Star Wars™: KOTOR also features a massive Ebon Hawk ship that can travel through time and space. We will use it to go to our favorite tomorrow. The game includes up to 8 different universes to explore. Along with numerous strange planets inhabited by races never heard of. Isn’t it interesting? But don’t be in too much of a hurry when you land on a strange planet. Perhaps they don’t like having uninvited guests on their planet. Be careful and enjoy space travel now.

Star Wars™: KOTOR has many, but not all, interesting things to discover. A long period and a diverse world. The game takes a long time to complete 100%. So, slowly enjoy it as your own movie or storybook. You are a huge fan of Star Wars and space travel. There is definitely an indispensable Star Wars™: KOTOR mod in the game store. Create a mighty empire and explore everywhere to your liking.

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