Suzy Cube MOD APK (Unlimited money, lives) 1.0.13

Suzy Cube MOD APK (Unlimited money, lives) v1.0.13

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Android Android 4.1 Action
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Nov 22, 2022
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Suzy Cube MOD APK (Unlimited money, lives)

Suzy Cube is an action game with a cute concept using blocks. Become the heroic Susie and find the stolen bag of gold. One fine day, when Suzy Cube was resting under a green tree, he received an order from the castle. He immediately returned to meet the King Queen. When he heard that the castle’s gold and silver had been viciously plundered by the Skulls, he fled. Realizing the seriousness of the problem, the hero quickly sets off in pursuit of the bandits. If you are not in a hurry, he may return to his lair. If so, players may have a harder time getting their gold back.

Suzy Cube MOD APK

The game is played in a third-person perspective so that players can easily track routes and rewards. Players must run the required distance over and over again. Besides, it is also convenient to collect the rewards that appear in front of you. Control your character to go through the gift in front of you. It contains many challenges that make the player difficult, but also conditions that enhance the player’s ability to control the character. As a level game, players must collect blue stars to complete missions. They are placed in different locations and players must find them on their own.

Download Suzy Cube mod – The way to find the treasure for the king and queen of hero Suzy

The screen is divided into three parts so that the player can directly control the character. At the top, touch to pause the game screen. On the left, it is used to control the character to move, touch, rotate, and rotate. … Your character will act based on your hand movements. The right side is used to control the jumping character, touch the character to jump. There is also a white arrow with a blue border on the screen that is used to indicate the direction the character is moving. Collect gold coins scattered along the way to save for later tasks. You also encounter bandits along the way and fight them.

Suzy Cube MOD

Various challenges

In addition to the manipulation of the scenery game, the challenge is an attractive highlight. Levels range from easy to difficult and feature a variety of traps. Start can be a default execution path that takes you to the right place. Jumping over moving wooden platforms is more difficult. Even falling can instantly cost the player a life. A player has up to 5 lives in a single pass. Another difficulty is that you may encounter legs with spikes on either side. It can split in two at any time, so we have to run here quickly. Or a tall pillar against the blue sky will collapse and your body will be crushed.

Suzy Cube APK

Multiple terrains

In addition to exciting challenges, the change of terrain also satisfies the player. Each terrain brings a specific difficulty, but changes make the game less boring. However, the player must first complete all the requirements of the Terrain level. When finished, collect enough blue stars to unlock the next screen. There is snowy terrain in the sky and the whole scene turns white. Or inside a dungeon built of brown stone blocks. Flowers jump over clods of soil and soar into the blue sky. The bottom could not be seen under the cloud cover.

Defeat the enemy

Bandits on the road become obstacles for the player. You must control your character to jump and attack. Sometimes when encountering a huge boss boss, the player must dodge and attack. No matter how big they are, when they are close to you you must take the opportunity to run over and trample them. Like a purple sea snake with infinite power. Each scream can cause a massive tsunami. Or it spits out purple venom that attacks you. There is also a chance to win by jumping over this attack and continuing to attack the enemy.

There are mysterious gifts that players can always receive and use. New hats or clothes that allow players to change their appearance. If this gift is a hat from the game, you can continue to change the hat. There are also glowing dice somewhere in the area. Players pass through here because it is a portal to the side game. The game only lasts for a short time while the player collects gold coins. Download the Suzy Cube mod to explore the challenging roads with the desire to find stolen gold realms.

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