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Top Troops! MOD APK (Arena Unlocked) v0.13.1

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Top Troops! MOD APK (Arena Unlocked)

emergency! There is war and chaos everywhere. The Primal King is madly conquering and causing bloodshed on a massive scale. Are you ready to come to Top Troops and face this evil force? Top Troop is the reincarnation of Social Empires Facebook, with dramatically different improvements. The game mainly focuses on elements such as merging to upgrade your army, expand the king’s management realm, or fierce PVP battles between the two sides. These are all gamer favorite features.

Top Troops! MOD APK

Created with the idea of ​​a strategy game, Top Troops will bring out the full potential of your hidden strategy. As a military leader, you’ll find yourself standing between dozens of strategies. From there, choose the direction that best suits your battle. Lead your valiant army to justice, and command them to put an end to the rampage of the wicked. If you win, you and your heroes will become the best army on the planet. The journey can be very long, as you will come across a specific map with several levels. However, skirmishes were not mass produced. Pauses give soldiers plenty of time to rest.

Download Top Troops! mod – Build a leading army

fighting game has its own rules for building a powerful army. In Top Troops!, your army gets a unique upgrade: Consolidation. Your task is to combine the smaller units of your army to create new entities with more strength, speed and combat capabilities. Your army is quite rich with swordsmen, archers, dragons, trolls and more. Each type of infantry has its own combat characteristics and can complement each other well. So, place them in the right places in each arena to get the effect you most expect. The heart and reason of the Almighty King will appear here.

Top Troops! MOD

Participate in epic PVP battles

Top Troops’ PVP battle mode! You will definitely experience the suspense and incredible realism. The armies you lead will face the forces of darkness directly. They often come in large numbers and have many tricks to hurt your side. Therefore, you must be as vigilant as possible in each battle. That’s why you need to choose a strategy and organize your army correctly. Also, don’t be complacent after a landslide victory. You may think the confrontation is over, but the Primordial King does not want to lay down his sword. Always be proactive!

Dominate the enemy

The fight only truly stops when the primal king is completely overpowered. Terrorize the Primal King and his brutal army and make them submit to your heroic deeds. It is necessary to understand how to utilize the types of warriors and heroes in an integrated way. For example, a swordsman doesn’t have high damage dealing ability, but is very good at holding out. This advantage will help extend your time while waiting for reinforcements. Or, for troll soldiers, their damage is average, but since they take a percentage of damage from other melee units, they are very good at protecting the rest of their units.

Top Troops! APK

Build a kingdom

All battle efforts from Top Troops! All are aimed at the ultimate goal. It’s about reclaiming lost lands at the hands of the Primordial King and rebuilding your kingdom. The population grows exponentially according to the territories acquired. When preparing for war, it is necessary to place them in each compartment so that they are stable and easy to control and maneuver. Your strength has been proven through glorious victories. What about the mighty King’s ruling abilities? Prove the power of the monarch in the vast kingdom you conquered!

There is nothing better than having a large army to fight against evil. If you’re a strategy lover, a commander, or just want to challenge yourself to unexpected battles, Top Troops! will completely satisfy you. The quick action doesn’t tire you out, but it’s still engaging. Follow the instructions in the game to better understand the soldier standing next to you. They will only show their maximum strength and you will be sure of success. For example, a troll’s ability to accumulate damage can be used against an assassin. Future monarchs, don’t hesitate and download Top Troops now! A mod that unleashes armies to fight on a large map.

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