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(Mega Menu, Unlocked, Ammo)
Sep 13, 2022
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KUBOOM 3D is a game where you have fierce gun battles with players around the world. Unlike the image of a powerful warrior that is often seen, various weapons are implemented through realistic graphics. KUBOOM 3D is built on Lego design and can be considered a new type of fighting shooter genre. The player has just fought on the battlefield with many excellent snipers. However, instead of depicting scenes that add to the game’s drama, this place exudes an extremely cool feeling. And that’s also why this game is played by millions of people in many countries. Play as any shooter and rule your destiny in this war.


Life and death are the two invisible boundaries of an FPS title like KUBOOM 3D. You may win, but if you fail, you may have to give up your life. Everyone is equally capable and the key is being able to find the right place quickly. For each specific case, you will have to find a safe location, a place where you can avoid enemy attacks. Being the first to harbinger in every confrontation is both brave and intelligent.

Download KUBOOM 3D mod – Gun battle bloodthirsty gunner

With a shooting game mode that promises a lot of dramatic things to give players a true warrior experience. Attacks range from controlling lots of options to aspects with lots of action. These things have created a whole new KUBOOM 3D. Each player has qualities that will make them the best gunslingers. Even if someone has to die on the battlefield, that’s not the end. You can start a new battle based on experience learned from mistakes in previous levels. As such, the shooting level of KUBOOM 3D players is getting higher and higher. Meet gunfighters on all fronts and show the difference in your shooting skills.

The gunfight

Every conflict in KUBOOM 3D is a selected player battle type. Team Fight, Death Fight, and Boom are among the aforementioned options before entering each fight. Do you want to cooperate with your teammates or fight other opponents alone? KUBOOM 3D has a wide variety of attack modes for players to experience and improve their abilities to become an immortal warrior. This may seem a bit difficult for all players, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

20+ different maps

Docks, warehouses, buildings, and forests are just a few locations players are free to choose from in every shootout. Each place is designed very carefully in the smallest details. KUBOOM 3D not only raises the battle for survival, but also publishers pay great attention to graphic design. Players will feel less bored when participating in different map systems. Every time you fight on a new map, you have to get used to the layout to complete the game screen. Of course, it’s also very easy to memorize. You can memorize every area on each map just by focusing on the game screen.

50+ weapons and customizations

A large number of weapons simply isn’t a choice. A variety of weapon systems help players discover outstanding abilities. Some are better off with a rifle, while others can use a handgun. Choose the gun and weapon of your choice in KUBOOM 3D and complete the battle in the best possible way. Also, changing the appearance of a weapon with a skin gives it a new image. Weapon equipment such as silencers and lasers can also be added as needed.

Change of character

Each gunslinger can choose their outfit from different types of clothing. It’s still the same character, but players can change it over the course of a battle to make it easier to tell them apart. Build a unique personality with a playful style that matches the dynamism of each shooter. Combine outfits to highlight the character you control.

KUBOOM 3D features uninterrupted gunfights, as well as frequent devastating bombs. The player can start combat shooting mode to protect himself and his teammates. Conquer all gun challenges and get big rewards. Download the KUBOOM 3D mod with various shooting modes with Lego graphics and it will be exciting.

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