Super Pep’s World MOD APK (God mode) 234

Super Pep’s World MOD APK (God mode) v234

Last Modified - July 1, 2023 Adventure
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Android 5.0
Android Android 5.0 Adventure
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Oct 26, 2022
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Super Pep’s World MOD APK (God mode)

Explore the world of dwarf mushrooms and overcome all the challenges of Super Pep’s World game. A dwarf mushroom has fallen in love with the beautiful princess of Bouncy Castle. His love for her can motivate her to do all sorts of things he does for her. Unfortunately, however, the princess is captured by monsters and puts her life on the line. And with his love, the dwarf mushroom must rescue her princess. Even if there are many difficulties ahead, they must be overcome with dwarf mushrooms. Help the madman to face challenges and defeat monsters to save his loved ones.

Super Pep’s World MOD APK

A beautiful princess living in a rich castle has been kidnapped by monsters and imprisoned. They want her master to take all his possessions to redeem her if they don’t want her to be in danger. But time is running too fast, and the dwarf mushroom guy can’t wait any longer. He fell in love with this princess and her and decided to save her at any cost. Many difficulties and monsters await ahead, but Dwarf Mushroom will overcome them soon. A trap created by monsters against the rescue of the beautiful princess. Help Pep use the power of love to get through all the traps and save the princess.

Download Super Pep’s World mod – Overcoming love test

In the mind of a dwarf mushroom boy, a journey to rescue the one he loves begins. The victim kidnapped by the monster is a beautiful princess. They want to take all the treasures of the castle and kidnap the lord’s daughter. And Pep, the dwarf mushroom boy, also wants to rescue his loved one from a trap. Pep doesn’t have the treasure he needs, but he dares to rescue his beloved princess. Monster-created challenges will also test your love of dwarf mushrooms. Help Pep defeat the monsters and their challenges and save the princess.

Super Pep’s World MOD

Monster trap

Pep started his journey to rescue the princess, and the monster created many obstacles. To save princess, the dwarf mushroom must overcome many challenges and demons. You will jump with Pep in various locations. The future goal is the flag. In front of the dwarf mushrooms are different monsters guarding each level. They want to defeat the dwarf mushrooms as well as stop you from going to rescue the princess. Monster traps are chained together, be careful to move Pep in each stage. Fight monster traps and rescue the beautiful princess with Pep.

Super Pep’s World APK

Rescue level

Finding the imprisoned princess won’t be easy, but there are many challenges. The monsters have created so many levels that no one can save the princess. But Pep doesn’t because of the difficulties of shaking in front of the evil monster. To save the princess is not only to save the one you love, but also to punish the wicked. You will also test your and Pep’s rescue abilities through the stars you achieve. The faster you complete the princess rescue, the more stars you and Pep will receive. Lead Pep forward and fight the levels to save the princess.

Rescue tool

Pep will only accompany you on your journey to rescue Son of the Lord. So you need to find a way to help this dwarf mushroom get the rescue kit. You can find a mushroom bush ahead of you and feed Pep to make it grow. The bigger Pep is, the better chance he has of rescuing the princess. Or you can find gold coins hidden in bricks with Pep. Be careful with each item as it will help Pep on his quest to rescue the princess. Find rescue tools among the monsters and rescue the beautiful princess.

Monsters in the castle must have kidnapped the beautiful princess of the lord. They demand that her most precious treasure be brought back to her place in order to save her. But the dwarf mushroom guy couldn’t wait for the moment and decided to rescue himself. He started his journey and faced traps of many monsters. Pep has to go through many levels of rescue to meet the princess. Rescue tools can be found on this journey, keep an eye on them all. Download Super Pep’s World mod to help Pep overcome the challenges of his journey to rescue the princess.

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